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Updated: Jun 30, 2019

So you ‘ve made your amazing podcast episode. You’ve been as funny, as insightful, as informative as you possibly can be, and you’re ready to share your art with the world. And yes, by the way, podcasting is art!

So, how do you get it out into the world. You could post it to the internet and hope people find you through search engines, and that can happen. But, I saw a survey that said 43% of podcast listeners found the shows they love through either social media or online communities.

43%! That’s a huge number!

If you want to find listeners for your show, you need to be on social media, plain and simple! Creating content for your social media can be kiiind of a drag, And that’s where I can come in! I can make audiograms like this:

I can make you an image quote, like this:

And I can make you thumbnails for each episode, like this:

Now, I always recommend that you be the one mostly running your social media page. It’s social, right? People come to your podcast’s Facebook page, and your Twitter account, and your Instagram because they want to interact with YOU in the comments section and in the conversation.

But if you’re creating content for your episodes, that can be kind of a drag, and it can be kind of a time consuming process. And, so, if you’re interested in hiring somebody to maybe make that stuff for you to save you some time, scroll back up to the top here, hit that contact button, drop me a note, and let’s talk about how I can help.

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