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Editing & Mixing

Updated: Jun 30, 2019

Honestly? Editing and mixing your show is where you’re going to find me a lot different than a lot of the folks you might hire. Not only have I been making podcasts for 5+ years, I’ve been an audio engineer for 15. I actually spent some time running recording studios and recording bands for a living.

See, when most people say “Editing” for podcasts, what they really mean is “editing and mixing.” Editing is when you cut, splice, and arrange parts of the dialogue. So, like if a guest keeps saying “umm” a lot, or if a guest flubs a line and then corrects themselves. And you want to take the mistake out because you think it’s distracting. That’s what editing is.

But, mixing is an art that’s completely different, and completely separate from that. Even if you have the best room, the best mic, the best gear, you still need to do some work shaping the volume and the tone of all of the different pieces of your podcast to make it sound the absolute best it can. Check out the clips in the video above to hear the difference this can make

(timestamp :56-1:22)

So, that’s a big difference, yeah?

If you think this might be something your show could benefit from, scroll back up to the top of the page here, and click that contact button, drop me a note, and let’s talk about how I can help!

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